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Recycling does not have to be hard!

123 Recycling makes it easier to recycle than ever in the Lubbock Metro area. We accept your unsorted items curbside either twice a month or weekly. We have figured out how to take the hassle and headache out of recycling. Within a week of subscribing to our services, we will bring your your wire bag holder and 20 bags. Most Lubbock families will keep a small receptacle in their kitchen and the larger bin in their garage.

1: SIGN UP – We will bring you a wire bag stand and a roll of 20- 33 gallon bags

2: BAG IT – UNSORTED (glass, metal, paper, cardboard, water/milk jugs, styrofoam)

3: CURB IT – ONCE A MONTH ($20), TWICE A MONTH ($30) or EVERY WEEK ($50)

4: FEEL GOOD ABOUT IT – We donate a portion of our revenue to fund Texas Tech  student Scholarships


We make caring convenient and community involvement a breeze!

CARING: Its crazy to think we put 23 pounds of trash per second into our Lubbock landfill when an estimated 80% of that is recyclable. We can do better.

CONVENIENCE: Still, there is a reason you don’t see people in Dallas hauling trash up and down the Tollway, or double parking at the grocery store to unload their trash – the recycling gets picked up at their house just like the trash.  What a concept!  We want to be your partner in the recycling business here in Lubbock.  It’s easy as 1-2-3.

COMMUNITY: Besides convenience, our partnership means paying it forward because we use 10% of our profits to fund scholarships at Texas Tech University and through our “Recycle For a Cause’ drive, we donate all the money we get from aluminum recyclables to local charities.

123 Recycling is a Proud Partner of: