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Welcome to 123 Recycling - recycling pickup since 2013

Welcome to 123 Recycling - recycling pickup since 2013

Welcome to 123 Recycling - recycling pickup since 2013Welcome to 123 Recycling - recycling pickup since 2013

We were the original recycling pickup company to partner with Texas Tech Student Housing and their amazing recycling center.  

Corona Update


We are in the process of turning off all automatic payments until TTU reopens.  We are also working on a plan to at least accept cardboard and will let everyone know if this works and  we will provide that service, if possible, at a big discount so stay tuned for that.  In the meantime, please do update your contact information per the letter we sent you recently.  You can do this by choosing a plan below and filling out the form there.  You will not need to enter payment information.  Thank you!!


Pick the plan that interests you and submit your information without signing up for payment.   When TTU resumes taking materials we will contact you!    


More About 123 and how this works

What and How Can You Recycle with 123

What and How Can You Recycle with 123

What and How Can You Recycle with 123


The official list from the TTU Recycling Center is adjacent to this post.   Because we partner with TTU we take what is on there list.  

IMPORTANT: ALL items must be clean and dry and have no food residue on it.   So you may need to rinse some items.  

You can put it in a plastic bag unsorted accept  we ask you to flatten all cardboard boxes.  

On your pick up day, put the material on your curb.  Place the flat boxes down first then pin them down with bags so they do not blow away.

TTU Recycling List

What and How Can You Recycle with 123

What and How Can You Recycle with 123



  • Paper - Office, glossy and colored paper, envelopes, cardstock, newspaper, magazines and telephone books
  • Cardboard – corrugated cardboard, cereal boxes, grocery bags, etc. All cardboard should be broken down and placed in the appropriate cardboard containers
  • Plastic - #1 and #2 bottles (check the bottom for the recycling number)
  • Plastic bags and wrap (grocery bags, wrap, etc.)
  • Aluminum - Beverage cans, etc.
  • Styrofoam - Packing foam, foam cups, foam plates, egg carts, etc. All items must be clean and dry with no food residue
  • Tin - Rinse pet food cans and remove labels.
  • Glass - Jars, bottles, etc. (clean with no lids), No sheet or window glass
  • Other Items - Housing Services will also take ink cartridges, rechargeable batteries, and toner cartridges

What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying


 I love this company! They are extremely courteous and have gone above and beyond for many times. It is a plus that they help support kids going to Tech with a percentage of their proceeds. Blessed to have them! 

 I love 123 Recycling! They are the nicest people and they recycle a lot more stuff than the city does. Plus they give a percentage of the fee to help Tech kids. It's all good! 

 You guys are awesome!! Thank you for helping us be better stewards of our planet. #gogreen #takecareofourenvironment #recycle #helptechtoo 

 Love these guys! Great customer service and always ready to go above and beyond! 


What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying


Is there a contract?  No, you sign up and cancel as you choose.  

Do materials really get recycled?  Yes, we trust TTU.  They care about the issue and I trust them completely.

What about electronics?  We can only cover what TTU can receive and at this time that does not include electronics.

Is there a limit on bags?  No, but we  do ask clients to limit the pickups to regularly consumed items.  We have many customers and our resources for pick up assume customers are not "spring cleaning."  If you need a special pick up that can be arranged.

When do materials get picked up?  We pick up on the first and third Saturdays.  If you choose the monthly pick up option, you will be assigned one of those two Saturdays based on your zip code.   In any case, there will be a text reminder sent the day before your pick up.  

Can my business sign up?  Yes.  There may be special pricing to work out.

About Us

Our Purpose

123 Recycling wants to make recycling pickup easier for you.

Bonus Good Thing

We partner with TTU's Student Housing Department and the TTU Recycling Center.  This means our recycling pickup generates scholarships for TTU students!

Now is the Time

With 123 recycling pickup you get no hassle recycling, TTU students get scholarships, our planet gets cleaner.    Join the movement, sign up today!

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We love our recycling customers, so feel free to call during normal business hours to discuss recycling pickup .

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Our pick up schedule runs on Saturdays.  Note: we are not a recycling center but rather a pick up service.