What makes 123 Recycling Tick…. Profit on Purpose – Getting Green! 

Curbside Pickup

The original TTU student 123 worker, Andrew Eliason

The larger mission of 123 Recycling is to lead the way in Lubbock in what we call Profit on Purpose. What that means is that we seek to be a business aimed at maximizing our impact. In our case, we help the environment, ease the strain of busy lives, reduce the cost of events to charities by providing them recycling resources and promoting their work online, and in the process we build scholarships for TTU students and employ them at a fair wage of $10 per hour.  That is Profit on Purpose at work. Imagine if that caught fire here in Lubbock!

The strategies of 123 Recycling. As a means to the end, and in some sense the end itself, we focus on getting green in Lubbock.  The strategies of 123 Recycling to get Lubbock there is based in our recycling mission. Our recycling mission is to make recycling easier and to do so in a manner that supports the great causes of our community as well.

Getting Green Strategy One: The service we offer takes the hassle out of recycling by providing a curbside recycling option at your home or business on a schedule you choose. The most frequently asked question is do we take glass and the answer is yes. We also take paper, cardboard, plastics 1 and 2, Styrofoam, batteries, printer cartridges, appliances, and clothing – all unsorted to keep it simple for you.

123 recycling

Our first check to the fund!

Getting Green Strategy Two: The partnership we maintain with TTU promotes their leadership in recycling and the generation of TTU scholarships. Working with their services insures that the materials we collect are not only hand
led responsibly but also help to generate TTU scholarships. Above and beyond this, we hire TTU students and we give TTU 10% of our gross revenues to help fund those scholarships even more.

Getting Green Strategy Three
: The community events we sponsor bring the issue of recycling before the public. This year we have been the recycling sponsor for the Hub City on Tap event at the Fair Grounds, the Chamber of Commerce Barbeque downtokomenwn, and the Komen Race for the Cure at the Memorial Civic Center to name a few. We will be supporting an LISD recycling event in the coming weeks for the AVID program of LHS. We are always seeking to add our name to the silent auction lists about Lubbock.

The strategy is working!

As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It is also also a marker that you are doing something right. Lately, some recycling copycats are giving it a go. That means our strategy is working and we are doing something right!  That also means Lubbock and the world is the winner in the end.  Who says competition is all bad 😉

This is our exaIMG_3410mple of Profit on Purpose.  Businesses like ours, and yours, are in  a position to change things around them.  That will change the world.  And that makes us tick.

How will you bring Profit on Purpose thinking to your business this month?  Respond with some examples of what your business is doing “on purpose.”