A Guide to Recycling in Lubbock

Recycling in Lubbock is on the rise but there is a long way to go.  Unlike many cities our size, there is no city-wide recycling pick up by the city.  123 Recycling offers it and there are a few others but taken all together it is a more of a growing movement than a significant service at this point.  Part of the reason is that most people I speak with don’t know what can be recycled here in Lubbock.  Here are some answers in the form of your recycling guide for Lubbock.

Recycling Guide: What Can Be Taken

Thanks to the amazing work of the TTU Housing Department and their willingness to take material from residents of Lubbock, the list is encouraging.  The first item is plastics one and two.  Think water bottles, etc.  You can tell if what you have is one or two by finding that number inside the recycling symbol on your container.  The second item is any type of paper.  The third is like it, cardboard.  The next item is glass.  The fifth item is styrofoam.  The sixth is batteries.  The seventh is e-waste meaning things like appliances (stuff with cords).  The eighth is metals.  That includes everything from cans to cars.  Finally, there are textiles.

Recycling Guide: How Does It Get There

In Lubbock the recycler has some work to do in getting the material to a drop off, or you can use an awesome company like ours to pick it up curbside.  For the do it your selfer, here are my recommendations.

Just Metal.

If you have lots of metals, I like Jarvis Metals.  The cleaner the metal the more money they will give you for it.

Cans, Plastic, Cardboard Self-Sorted

Some of the United’s take cans, plastic or cardboard and certain kinds of paper.  Be ready to spend a little time there as you have to sort your materials.  The City of Lubbock also has some bins located about town.

Comprehensive Drop-off at TTU

By far the most comprehensive drop-off center is the TTU Center which is on the back side of campus along the Marsha Sharp.  Sort your glass out and then place everything else into a tied plastic bags.  The cool thing about this is that the recycled materials are sold and the proceeds generate scholarships for TTU students.

Curbside Pick-up With 123 Recycling

Curbside pick-up is available from 123 Recycling.  We come by once, twice, or weekly as the customer requires.  We work with TTU system insuring they handle materials correctly and to add to the scholarship fund.  Additionally, we donate 10% of our gross revenue to that scholarship fund.

Recycling Guide: Three Steps to Help Get Lubbock Greener

Assuming you are already a recycler, here are three ways you can get Lubbock greener:

  1. Interact with posts like this by sharing it, liking the pages of TTU and 123 Recycling, posting positive reviews, making comments, etc.
  2. Call 123 Recycling and we’ll bring you a cool yard sign to let your neighbors know you love Lubbock and recycling.Recycling Unsorted
  3. Talk to your friends about recycling. Emphasize how easy it is to do (check out our how to recycle video) and how it benefits the scholarship fund of TTU.