Lubbock Recycle for Mother’s Day

BY NICOLE IPSON | May 14, 2017


With Mother’s Day coming this upcoming weekend the scramble is on! There is always that mad dash to figure out what you think your precious mother will be wanting. During this process, most people spend a lot of time standing in front of the card section at their local convenience store. However, here at 123 Recycling, we have a better idea! How about you take some of that scrap paper that’s laying around your house to make a special piece of art for Mother’s Day! As with past projects we have posted about, whether you are creating decorations or loving art pieces of art for a special day it’s always a great idea to do this with recycling and repurposing in mind!

Our Quilling Project

Supplies We Used:

Scrap Paper (the thicker the better)

Colored Pencils or Markers


Skewer sticks or cocktail sticks



Lubbock recycle


First, we found the paper that we wanted to reuse from around the house. Next, we chose the colors that we wanted to apply to our project to make it look its best!

After which we chose our base piece of paper that we wanted to use. This would allow us to determine the size of the heart that we wanted. Followed by placing glue on the edge of the two strips that create the heart shape and attaching them to the base piece of paper. By hLubbock recycleaving the size, we would know how many pieces we would need to decorate. (Tip: Color the heart strips before gluing the shape to the base! Learn from our oops!)

Lubbock recycleWe then took the time to color individual pieces of papers with the colors that we would use for our project. Once that was completed we then cut the now colored paper into strips. Lubbock recycle

After this, we then used our skewer stick to begin curling and creating shapes. Once you have the shape you want to glue the edges and begin combining them to create more intricate shapes!


Once we Lubbock recyclehad a good number of pieces put together we began gluing them in place!As you place your pieces you can begin to customize the design more and more! It’s wonderful to see what shape it takes!Lubbock recycle

After all the pieces are placed you should have a project made from love with recycled paper!

We decided last minute to color the strips. After that was done we even added some glitter in the center of the heart. (You can use a paint brush to lay down a thin layer of glue then sprinkle the glitter over it.)

The art of Paper Quilling can be used to create all sorts of fun pieces! Don’t forget Lubbock recycle and repurpose for your art. Happy Mother’s Day From 123 Recycling!


Paperchase Journal- Full Quilling Tutorial Found Here!

Art/Images By- © 2017, Nicole Ipson