Creating Jobs With A Recycle Bin 

BY NICOLE IPSON | August 15, 2017

Recycle bin

In today's day in age, jobs are important. We as individuals need to work to live and jobs at times can be hard to come by. Although the economy is growing stronger each day there are more ways to help. Even better, we are able to not only create jobs for our economy but clean up after ourselves all at once!

Consider this, when you are done using a container you simply toss it in the trash. From there the trip consists of being picked up by your garbage man, then unloaded in a land fill. From there the management of the land fill is minimal the trash type is determined. These options are either municipal solid waste (MSW) which usually comes from households, or construction and demolition (C&D). Once the type is decided upon the trucks compact the items and dump them in their designated area. Once dumped the trash is covered with about a foot of soil until it is uncovered the next day. The process is repeated until the area at capacity. It takes very few people to manage this process.
Now compare that process to that of recycling. Sorted items are picked up at the curb. Next, they are sorted through based off of type ( glass, plastic, metal, paper). They are clean accordingly if needed after being sorted. This is followed by the recyclable being processed down to its raw form. From there the material is broken down into the form necessary to use to recreate new items. Once the process is completed then the material is sent off to companies the create the new products from the old.epending on the item the process of recycling can be anywhere from 5 – 9 different phases including pick up and resale. Compared to 4 phases of dumping trash: pick-up, determination of type, dumping, and cover.

It has been found that if the “U.S. recycling levels reach 75% it will generate 1.5 million new jobs.” This in return is nearly “at least 9 times more jobs than landfills and incinerators, and as many as 30 times more jobs.” So why is it that we as a community aren't doing more to grow an industry that can clearly help our world and economy?

Wield Your Recycle Bin For The Greater Good! 

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Article By- © 2017, Nicole Ipson, Images By- © 2017, Nicole Ipson & Tuffield Inc.