What is Ewaste?

BY NICOLE IPSON | September 25, 2017



Right now you are comfortably seated and browsing through the internet. You’re either using your phone, a laptop, or sitting at your desk in front of a desktop. Either way, you are committed and plugged in! Now, have you ever asked yourself, what happens to this phone or computer once the next new hotness comes out? You’ve seen the little cardboard stands in Best Buy and Staples, but have never really used them? You’ve just maybe tossed your old toys when getting new ones and thought nothing of it. Well, my friends, that is Ewaste you have just created.

Life nowadays revolves around being plugged in and even though we spend good money to be able to live that life, we often rotate to bigger and better. This has just become the norm for the US. “ In 1998, the National Safety Council study estimated about 20 million computers became obsolete within 1 year. In 2007, that number increased to 40 million.”– Recycle Across America. Now that increase to 40 Million was just in 9 years. Let say that we kept with the same pattern and followed that trend of 20 Million every 9 years. That means that by last year (2016) we would have reached 60 million computers in one year that became obsolete. That’s just computers… could you imagine how many cell phones and tablets we could add to that Ewaste pile?

ewasteDid you Know?
  • The average cost of curbside pick-up is less than what’s paid to the city for trash pick-up.

  • Recycling generates 7-10 more jobs than landfills.

  • Through 123 Recycling you are not only able to get curbside pick-up, but door front pick up as well! Making recycling as easy as opening your front door! No more “taking out the trash” ( or recycling so to speak!)

The numbers for Ewaste are staggering. What is even more frightening is that the bulk of these electronics aren’t being properly disposed of. The plastic, the batteries, the cartridges that could be reused are just going to waste and polluting landfills. That is where you and 123 Recycling can help! By signing up with us, we can help get rid of your Ewaste properly while you help to reduce pollution. Sign Up today and see what a difference you can help make!

Article By- © 2017, Nicole Ipson, Images By- © 2017, Nicole Ipson  & FreePik.com