Aluminum Recycling Facts

BY NICOLE IPSON | November 24, 2017

Its the day after Thanksgiving and you could be waking up to a kitchen that still needs to be cleaned. You’ve tossed your containers in the fridge with foil over them because you were just tired and wanting to sit. Now that you have time and energy to get your kitchen cleaned! So you dig out the lids needed for the containers covered with foil. Now that the aluminum’s job is done we here at 123 recycling would just like to give you some tips!

Aluminum recycling is one of the most common types you come across in your everyday life. Yet sadly 75% of used aluminum ends up in landfills. “According to reports, we throw away enough foil each year to build a fleet of aircraft and recycling a single aluminum can save enough energy to power a television for 3 hours.” What a lot of people don’t realize is not only is your aluminum dishwasher safe (place on the top shelf in the dishwasher), but also reusable for multiple uses.

Some extra efforts do have to be made when practicing aluminum recycling.

The reason for this is because food residue causes contamination issues with the recycling process. However, the solution is simple enough! You just have to wash off food and grease before tossing it into your recycle bin! That being said, if you are going to put in that effort you might as well get some extra use out of it before placing it in your bin! So, after using your foil to save yourself from having to find that one container lid that always seems to elude you… why not rinse that foil off and allow it another chance to come to your rescue? Along with that, why not also allow it to save you some money and keep you from having to go to the store sooner to get more!

At 123 Recycling we do accept aluminum but cannot accept items that are unwashed/contaminated by food/grease waste. So please be sure to rinse your cans, foil, and roasting pans so that we can make the most out of your aluminum recycling efforts with us! As always 123 Recycling would like to wish you and your families a Happy Holiday Season!


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