Recycling Tips For After The Holiday Season is Over

BY NICOLE IPSON | December 30, 2017

Recycling Tips

Even though Christmas is over the holiday season is still lingering as we wait for New Years. With Christmas and New Years we often find that we have a lot of decorations and wrappings that we need to dispose of. With nothing but the best intentions in mind, people often attempt to recycle a lot of things. This, however, may be a mistake and more hazardous then some may realize. Here at 123 Recycling we would like to give our customers some recycling tips as to what can and can not be recycled from your Christmas and New Years setup!

First of all here are a list of the items you should be aware of when starting down your path of decoration demolition.

  • Bows
  • Glitter
  • Metallic Paper
  • Velvet-Flocked Paper
  • Ribbon
  • Christmas or New Years Cards

Although one would think that all of these things have recycling qualities some are very bad to recycle. Who would have thought that ribbon… yes ribbon could shut down an entire recycling plant?

Bows & Ribbon

Paper and plastic mixtures that bows are made with combined with the glue these cute little box toppings are unable to be recycled. The suggestion is, if possible and still in good shape save and reuse your bows until they have lost their luster and then just toss them. Ribbon is also made with a mixture of materials such as cloth and wire, or again a paper and plastic mixture. These things can not be separated and recycled separately. Along with that ribbons make it past the sieving system and end up tangled in parts of the recycling machines. At this point, the only way to correct the issue is to shut down the entire system and cut out the tangled pieces in the machines.

Metallic & Velvet-Flocked Paper

This is the most common season that we see pretty shiny and soft decorations and papers. From amazing gift bags to fun and fabulous wrapping paper, these types of materials are bound to show up. There is an easy fix for this problem, simply reuse your gift bags! With wrapping paper that has these materials added in the story is different. Velvet-Flocked paper and metallic paper is not something that can be recycled so it has to be tossed. Regular wrapping paper is safe, but if you find velvet, metallic, or glitter it must be sent to the landfill. Perhaps knowing this will have you searching for new patterns that are fun for next year that can be recycled.

Holiday Cards and Mementos

A lot of holiday cards have the same problems being recycled as decorations and paper. The shiny embossing, glittery swirls, and velvet-flock keep them from the life of being reused. These properties combined with the types of photo paper they may be printed get them exiled to the trash bin. Again, if they are plain cards on basic paper stock they can always be recycled. Make sure there aren’t any fancy filigree added to the card before placing them your recycle bin.

Everyone has the best intentions when trying to save the world. Recycling certain materials just isn’t possible sometimes. Keep these recycling tips & materials in mind while you are tossing unneeded items from your holiday season. You keep recycling plants running as effectively as possible by keeping them from getting clogged. Merry Christmas & Happy New Years From 123 Recycling!


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