Spring Time Recycled Crafts

BY NICOLE IPSON | February 23, 2018

recycled crafts

With spring right around the corner, it’s only natural that people start clean and decorating. We all have an urge to add color and life to our lives after winter. However, most people look for a way to do so at very little cost. With that in mind, we would like to help with recycled crafts! This quick and easy cat planter can be used to bring some adorable happiness into your home. Not only is this project easy & cheap but its done with recycled materials and is an easy project for kids!

recycled crafts

Materials Needed:
  • A 2-liter bottle
  • Scissors/Box Cutter
  • Sharpie Markers
  • Paint Color of your choice

Begin by removing the label from your two-liter.

Next, decide how tall you would like your cat planter to be. Remember the base of the two-liter bottle is the legs, so shorter may be better. However, you have the choice to play with it and experiment.

Next draw a line around the bottle at the chosen height, remembering to include your little kitties ears.

When your line is drawn use your cutter to separate the bottle following the line you just drew.

Separate the top of the bottle and set it off to the side (click here for another planter tutorial that can be done with the top piece) 

Once you have your base make sure it is clean and dry.

Then paint it the desired color of kitty you would like to have, as well as draw on your face and color in her ears!

Once your paint is dry, make sure to seal it with a clear coat to protect it from water.

Place your soil and plant in your new kitty planter and you have your completed project! This is a simple and fun project that can be done with your kids. It gives them a chance to create a litter of kitties that look different with different sizes and styles of bottles. It also gives them a reason to get outside and be creative all while using recycled materials.

Here at 123 Recycling, we not only want to help you recycle your waste, we want to help by giving you creative ways to decorate your home. We look forward to bringing more projects to your family!recycled crafts

Article By- © 2018, Nicole Ipson, Images By- Nicole Ipson &  Freepik.com