Plastic Waste Turned Into Art

BY NICOLE IPSON | May 29, 2018


         Plastic Waste Plastic waste is becoming a large issue in today’s world. From media coverage of countries banning plastic straws and cutlery to just the astronomical amount of waste in our oceans. We have all heard about it and have our own opinions of course. Most households have all sorts of plastic cutlery in our homes, that just sit waiting to be used. Here is another project you can do with those plastic spoons that are least likely to be used! Spoonflowers are cool little pieces that can be used as wall décor, simple additions to a centerpiece, or even with an added skewer can be placed in a planter!

          You can find all sorts of ways to mix up this project on Pinterest, however, this article will show you the simplest way. Once you get the hang of it the sky truly is the limit!

          Supplies Needed

•    Spoons (the amount will vary depending on the size of flower)

•    Glue gun/ glue sticks

•    Scissors

•    Cardboard

•    Paint (if you wish to add color to your flower)

Plastic Waste

          Start by cutting out a piece of cardboard 3½ to 4 inches (This can be trimmed down after your flower is complete). Starting with the center of your flower begin to stagger your pieces close together. Tip place hot glue on the cardboard and thin it out, let cool for a couple of seconds to help the spoons stand better. Make sure to tilt the spoons out and stagger them more widely to simulate blooming petals. Continue with the process until the flower is as wide as you would like it!

          As you ad petals you can add hot glue to the already standing petals to help reinforce them. The full project can take about an hour to two and requires patience as you waitPlastic Waste for the glue to cool. This project is fun because it can be very versatile and simple!

          Using these spoons to decorate with will help keep them out of our landfills and oceans. They are just sitting in the kitchen waiting to be used and tossed! Why not get something more out of them? In doing so you help our planet and create something beautiful that can be a conversation piece! Who doesn’t love showing off something they made themselves? This project leaves leftover pieces, so don’t forget to toss them in the recycling bin!


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