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  1. Privacy Policy

    Privacy, Terms & Conditions This privacy statement describes how 123 Recycling collects and uses the personal information you provide on our website: 123 Recycling. It…

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  2. Fireworks, Glitter, Metallics…Recyclable?

    Fireworks, Glitter, Metallics…Recyclable? BY NICOLE IPSON | July 17, 2018 4th of July is finally passed, the fireworks are over the random popping of personal…

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  3. Handmade Crafts – Plastic Waste Turned into Art

    Plastic Waste Turned Into Art BY NICOLE IPSON | May 29, 2018                      Plastic waste is becoming a large issue in today’s world.…

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  4. Arts- Recycled Gnome Home

    Spring Time Recycled Crafts BY NICOLE IPSON | April 30, 2018 Spring is finally here, although it may not feel that way to some. Here…

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  5. Arts- Spring Time Recycled Crafts

    Spring Time Recycled Crafts BY NICOLE IPSON | February 23, 2018 With spring right around the corner, it’s only natural that people start clean and…

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  6. Community – We Donate To Your Charitable Cause

    We Donate To Your Charitable Cause BY NICOLE IPSON | February 23, 2018 Throughout the year Lubbock has several events for families and friends to…

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  7. Holiday Recycling Tips

    Recycling Tips For After The Holiday Season is Over BY NICOLE IPSON | December 30, 2017 Even though Christmas is over the holiday season is…

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  8. Holiday Season Aluminum Recycling

    Aluminum Recycling Facts BY NICOLE IPSON | November 24, 2017 Its the day after Thanksgiving and you could be waking up to a kitchen that…

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  9. Ewaste

    What is Ewaste? BY NICOLE IPSON | September 25, 2017   Right now you are comfortably seated and browsing through the internet. You’re either using…

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  10. Weekly Pickup Schedule