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What is Ewaste?

BY NICOLE IPSON | September 25, 2017



Right now you are comfortably seated and browsing through the internet. You’re either using your phone, a laptop, or sitting at your desk in front of a desktop. Either way, you are committed and plugged in! Now, have you ever asked yourself, what happens to this phone or computer once the next new hotness comes out? You’ve seen the little cardboard stands in Best Buy and Staples, but have never really used them? You’ve just maybe tossed your old toys when getting new ones and thought nothing of it. Well, my friends, that is Ewaste you have just created.

Life nowadays revolves around being plugged in and even though we spend good money to be able to live that life, we often rotate to bigger and better. This has just become the norm for the US. “ In 1998, the National Safety Council study estimated about 20 million computers became obsolete within 1 year. In 2007, that number increased to 40 million.”– Recycle Across America. Now that increase to 40 Million was just in 9 years. Let say that we kept with the same pattern and followed that trend of 20 Million every 9 years. That means that by last year (2016) we would have reached 60 million computers in one year that became obsolete. That’s just computers… could you imagine how many cell phones and tablets we could add to that Ewaste pile?

ewasteDid you Know?
  • The average cost of curbside pick-up is less than what’s paid to the city for trash pick-up.

  • Recycling generates 7-10 more jobs than landfills.

  • Through 123 Recycling you are not only able to get curbside pick-up, but door front pick up as well! Making recycling as easy as opening your front door! No more “taking out the trash” ( or recycling so to speak!)

The numbers for Ewaste are staggering. What is even more frightening is that the bulk of these electronics aren’t being properly disposed of. The plastic, the batteries, the cartridges that could be reused are just going to waste and polluting landfills. That is where you and 123 Recycling can help! By signing up with us, we can help get rid of your Ewaste properly while you help to reduce pollution. Sign Up today and see what a difference you can help make!

Article By- © 2017, Nicole Ipson, Images By- © 2017, Nicole Ipson  & FreePik.com

Wield Your Recycle Bin For The Greater Good

Creating Jobs With A Recycle Bin 

BY NICOLE IPSON | August 15, 2017

Recycle bin

In today's day in age, jobs are important. We as individuals need to work to live and jobs at times can be hard to come by. Although the economy is growing stronger each day there are more ways to help. Even better, we are able to not only create jobs for our economy but clean up after ourselves all at once!

Consider this, when you are done using a container you simply toss it in the trash. From there the trip consists of being picked up by your garbage man, then unloaded in a land fill. From there the management of the land fill is minimal the trash type is determined. These options are either municipal solid waste (MSW) which usually comes from households, or construction and demolition (C&D). Once the type is decided upon the trucks compact the items and dump them in their designated area. Once dumped the trash is covered with about a foot of soil until it is uncovered the next day. The process is repeated until the area at capacity. It takes very few people to manage this process.
Now compare that process to that of recycling. Sorted items are picked up at the curb. Next, they are sorted through based off of type ( glass, plastic, metal, paper). They are clean accordingly if needed after being sorted. This is followed by the recyclable being processed down to its raw form. From there the material is broken down into the form necessary to use to recreate new items. Once the process is completed then the material is sent off to companies the create the new products from the old.epending on the item the process of recycling can be anywhere from 5 – 9 different phases including pick up and resale. Compared to 4 phases of dumping trash: pick-up, determination of type, dumping, and cover.

It has been found that if the “U.S. recycling levels reach 75% it will generate 1.5 million new jobs.”-recycleacrossamerica.org This in return is nearly “at least 9 times more jobs than landfills and incinerators, and as many as 30 times more jobs.” -ecocycle.org So why is it that we as a community aren't doing more to grow an industry that can clearly help our world and economy?

Wield Your Recycle Bin For The Greater Good! 

123 Recycling wants to help drive this industry as well as the community. So consider signing up today, it’s fast and easy! Your recycle bin could not only help to keep Lubbock clean but also be a step forward for our economy. Sign-up today to be a part of the difference.

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The Future Of Glass In Lubbock

BY NICOLE IPSON | July 21, 2017


Earlier this year the city of Lubbock hit a small snag with its recycling equipment. Sadly machinery failure has caused the city to cease collection of glass. Situations such as this will always be a hard hit to people anywhere who recycle. Quite a lot of glass goes through each house hold on a daily basis. However, with the help of Texas Tech & 123 Recycling, we have taken up the challenge to keep glass recycling up and waste down!

Texas Tech has locations on campus where students and community members alike can drop off recyclables including glass. Currently, curb side pickup is offered through 123 Recycling to help make life for the community of Lubbock easier. Even though the city at this moment in time isn’t able to take glass they are still accepting all other recyclables! They are still promoting the green way of life so that everyone can help keep Lubbock clean.

Slowly people are starting to pay attention to the worlds current status, and it can be hard when you don’t directly see the impact. As stated by Recycle Across America “More than 28 billion glass bottles and jars end up in landfills every year — that is the equivalent of filling up two Empire State Buildings every three weeks.” That fact alone should inspire people to want to help and reduce waste.


Glass Fact: Waste No More!


Recycling one glass bottle saves enough energy to light a 100-watt bulb for four hours, power a computer for 30 minutes, or a television for 20 minutes! 123 Recycling has been created because of facts like these to help make recycling as easy as possible. We want to help you help the world. Join us in the fight today!




Recycle Across America, “General Recycling Facts”, RecycleAcrossAmerica.org. 26 June 2017

Shoplet, “Recycling 101: Glass Recycling Facts”, Michelle Liu, Shoplet.com.  05 January 2016

Art/Images By- © 2017, Nicole Ipson

Lubbock Waste Management

Together We Can Still Help With Waste Management

BY NICOLE IPSON | June 27, 2017


With several cuts being made to the budget for environmental needs within Lubbock, there is no better time than now to begin helping. Even with these cuts being made, this doesn’t mean that this is the end. With the help of the people of Lubbock, we can help to keep our city clean and healthy. 123 Recycling offers a variety of different packages at reasonable prices so that all families can help with waste management. Consider some of these things below… the impact of recycling can be great!



Recycling one ton of paper is the equivalent of 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, 3 cubic yards of trash, 4000 kW of electricity and 7000 gallons of water. These amounts are for paper; imagine how much waste we can reduce from other recyclable materials such as metals and plastics?

 For example, every three months, Americans throw enough aluminum in the landfills to build our nation’s entire commercial air fleet. Knowing something such as this could really make you think every time you open a soda or cover a plate with aluminum!


waste management


Information like this is important to know! It helps to put perspective on a lot for people who aren’t familiar with how recycling can really affect the world we live in. 123 Recycling does everything it can to take the work out of recycling for its customers. Choose from one of our packages today, and let’s start cleaning up Lubbock together, waste management can be as east as 123!



Clark County Solid Waste District, “Did You Know” 32Trash.org. 9 May 2017

Recycle Across America, ”General Recycling Facts” RecycleAcrossAmerica.org. 26 June 2017

Art/Images By- © 2017, Nicole Ipson

Recycle Project

Lubbock Recycle for Mother’s Day

BY NICOLE IPSON | May 14, 2017


With Mother’s Day coming this upcoming weekend the scramble is on! There is always that mad dash to figure out what you think your precious mother will be wanting. During this process, most people spend a lot of time standing in front of the card section at their local convenience store. However, here at 123 Recycling, we have a better idea! How about you take some of that scrap paper that’s laying around your house to make a special piece of art for Mother’s Day! As with past projects we have posted about, whether you are creating decorations or loving art pieces of art for a special day it’s always a great idea to do this with recycling and repurposing in mind!

Our Quilling Project

Supplies We Used:

Scrap Paper (the thicker the better)

Colored Pencils or Markers


Skewer sticks or cocktail sticks



Lubbock recycle


First, we found the paper that we wanted to reuse from around the house. Next, we chose the colors that we wanted to apply to our project to make it look its best!

After which we chose our base piece of paper that we wanted to use. This would allow us to determine the size of the heart that we wanted. Followed by placing glue on the edge of the two strips that create the heart shape and attaching them to the base piece of paper. By hLubbock recycleaving the size, we would know how many pieces we would need to decorate. (Tip: Color the heart strips before gluing the shape to the base! Learn from our oops!)

Lubbock recycleWe then took the time to color individual pieces of papers with the colors that we would use for our project. Once that was completed we then cut the now colored paper into strips. Lubbock recycle

After this, we then used our skewer stick to begin curling and creating shapes. Once you have the shape you want to glue the edges and begin combining them to create more intricate shapes!


Once we Lubbock recyclehad a good number of pieces put together we began gluing them in place!As you place your pieces you can begin to customize the design more and more! It’s wonderful to see what shape it takes!Lubbock recycle

After all the pieces are placed you should have a project made from love with recycled paper!

We decided last minute to color the strips. After that was done we even added some glitter in the center of the heart. (You can use a paint brush to lay down a thin layer of glue then sprinkle the glitter over it.)

The art of Paper Quilling can be used to create all sorts of fun pieces! Don’t forget Lubbock recycle and repurpose for your art. Happy Mother’s Day From 123 Recycling!


Paperchase Journal- Full Quilling Tutorial Found Here!

Art/Images By- © 2017, Nicole Ipson

Recycling For The Cause




With Earth Day in 1970 came the realization that humanity was given the responsibility to take care of our beautiful earth. Even more importantly everything she has to offer.  “Earth Day 1990 gave a huge boost to recycling efforts worldwide. This also helped pave the way for the 1992 United Nations Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro.” (Earth Day Network, http://www.earthday.org/about/)

So many accomplishments have come from this special day!  However, we have a long way to go. For this reason, it is important to remember not just on Earth Day, but every day that recycling can help.

Recycling helps to improve our environment with everything from continued clean water resources, and pollution-free air right down to happy and healthy wildlife. As stated by The City of Lubbock, “As our city becomes increasingly developed with more roads, parking lots, cars, and homes, urbanization profoundly impacts both the quantity and quality of our stormwater. Polluted stormwater runoff can have many adverse effects on the natural environment. All the plants, fish, animals, and people that live in it are affected.” (https://www.mylubbock.us/departmental-websites/departments/storm-water-management/about/quick-guide-to-storm-water/the-effects-of-pollution)

With Earth Day here again, to remind us all that we play a part, instead of throwing away that water bottle you just finished, Instead of tossing out that used coffee filter with grounds… make the choice today, Earth Day, to start a new habit. Sign up for 123 Recycling’s service, let us do the sorting, and start making a difference today. Each piece of plastic, cardboard, or metal could mean the difference. One less chemical in our landfills is one more ounce of clean drinking water for you and our environment. Let this year’s Earth Day inspire you to help take care of our planet. Thank You from 123 Recycling for helping be part of the solution!


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Thanksgiving Fun for Kids with Recyclables

Five Thanksgiving Memories You Can Make With Recyclable Crafts


The holidays are custom made for memory making as a family.  Making memories happens best when we take the time to work with our kids on things that are fun.  If you can do that and teach some valuable life lessons – so much the better.  123 Recycling will be happy to pick up your recyclables but how much better if you reuse them for some holiday fun with the kids!

The goal of this article is to combine the memory making potential of Thanksgiving with the world changing emphasis on recycling, repurposing, and responding to the need to be better stewards of our

This week the focus is Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is the perfect time to introduce kids to recycling and reusing with fun crafts made from reusable material.  A great fact to know and share with them is that we believe 65% of what we throw out is recyclable.  I’m guessing that the percent that is reusable in some way would raise that number even higher.  That means there is a lot of free stuff we can use for art just lying around.

So without further adeu, here are five ideas from my little brain – get creative and I’ll be you can do even better!

Beauty of Fall Display Boxes

Containers for fruits, are amazing resources foimg_3111r kids to use for stashing all kinds of things, especially the small ones.  This one was used for organic apples and makes an amazing display case for the wonders of Fall such as beautiful leaves, acorns, pecans, and other wonderful bounty that kids love to find and to show off.  Kids will love finding the best leaves and showing off their finds.

Turkeys, Pilgrims, and Indians – Oh My!

Egg cartons and cardboard rolls make great tools for creating all img_3114kinds of characters from Turkeys to Pilgrims and Indians.  A quick trip to a craft store and you could find some really cool stuff to add like google eyes, feathers, felt for clothes.  But, a simple set of markers and crayons will do the trick as well.  You could make a whole tableau of the first Thanksgiving meal.  Special hint: paper plates are great material for making a turkey’s fanned feathers.

 Pump-can Decoration

Here is an idea from Pam Bibb, art teacher at Miller Elementary.  She loves to worimg_3054k with recyclable materials and her students have made some amazing robots.  For Fall, she takes empty cans and colored paper to make pump-cans.  This is something easy for kids to make and great for table decorations for the big feast.  PS – mason jars will also work.


Fall Candle Celebrations

Here is an idea to take glass containers like mason jars or jelly jars, etc. and turn them into celebrations img_3116of Fall.  My girl picked some leaves.  I found a pickle jar.  We used clear Scotch tape to attach them.   If you are inclined, attach them by decoupaging.  Insert candle and enjoy!  The light will shine through the leaves and give you a beautiful show for free.

Napkin Rings

Take some paper tubes, apply glue, roll on something fun andimg_3115 Fall-ish. Next, cut them down to size.  Finally, add whatever else you might desire to make really cool napkin holders.  I will say that the glue is more of a project.  Again, I went with Scotch tape.

We hope you enjoy Thanksgiving and that these ideas will help you create some memories with your kids.  Stay tuned for our next blog post next month for more ideas related to Christmas.  If you have some ideas you would like to share, please email them to me at baron@123recycling.org.

Recycling Guide for Lubbock

A Guide to Recycling in Lubbock

Recycling in Lubbock is on the rise but there is a long way to go.  Unlike many cities our size, there is no city-wide recycling pick up by the city.  123 Recycling offers it and there are a few others but taken all together it is a more of a growing movement than a significant service at this point.  Part of the reason is that most people I speak with don’t know what can be recycled here in Lubbock.  Here are some answers in the form of your recycling guide for Lubbock.

Recycling Guide: What Can Be Taken

Thanks to the amazing work of the TTU Housing Department and their willingness to take material from residents of Lubbock, the list is encouraging.  The first item is plastics one and two.  Think water bottles, etc.  You can tell if what you have is one or two by finding that number inside the recycling symbol on your container.  The second item is any type of paper.  The third is like it, cardboard.  The next item is glass.  The fifth item is styrofoam.  The sixth is batteries.  The seventh is e-waste meaning things like appliances (stuff with cords).  The eighth is metals.  That includes everything from cans to cars.  Finally, there are textiles.

Recycling Guide: How Does It Get There

In Lubbock the recycler has some work to do in getting the material to a drop off, or you can use an awesome company like ours to pick it up curbside.  For the do it your selfer, here are my recommendations.

Just Metal.

If you have lots of metals, I like Jarvis Metals.  The cleaner the metal the more money they will give you for it.

Cans, Plastic, Cardboard Self-Sorted

Some of the United’s take cans, plastic or cardboard and certain kinds of paper.  Be ready to spend a little time there as you have to sort your materials.  The City of Lubbock also has some bins located about town.

Comprehensive Drop-off at TTU

By far the most comprehensive drop-off center is the TTU Center which is on the back side of campus along the Marsha Sharp.  Sort your glass out and then place everything else into a tied plastic bags.  The cool thing about this is that the recycled materials are sold and the proceeds generate scholarships for TTU students.

Curbside Pick-up With 123 Recycling

Curbside pick-up is available from 123 Recycling.  We come by once, twice, or weekly as the customer requires.  We work with TTU system insuring they handle materials correctly and to add to the scholarship fund.  Additionally, we donate 10% of our gross revenue to that scholarship fund.

Recycling Guide: Three Steps to Help Get Lubbock Greener

Assuming you are already a recycler, here are three ways you can get Lubbock greener:

  1. Interact with posts like this by sharing it, liking the pages of TTU and 123 Recycling, posting positive reviews, making comments, etc.
  2. Call 123 Recycling and we’ll bring you a cool yard sign to let your neighbors know you love Lubbock and recycling.Recycling Unsorted
  3. Talk to your friends about recycling. Emphasize how easy it is to do (check out our how to recycle video) and how it benefits the scholarship fund of TTU.

123 Recycling Mission – Profit on Purpose

What makes 123 Recycling Tick…. Profit on Purpose – Getting Green! 

Curbside Pickup

The original TTU student 123 worker, Andrew Eliason

The larger mission of 123 Recycling is to lead the way in Lubbock in what we call Profit on Purpose. What that means is that we seek to be a business aimed at maximizing our impact. In our case, we help the environment, ease the strain of busy lives, reduce the cost of events to charities by providing them recycling resources and promoting their work online, and in the process we build scholarships for TTU students and employ them at a fair wage of $10 per hour.  That is Profit on Purpose at work. Imagine if that caught fire here in Lubbock!

The strategies of 123 Recycling. As a means to the end, and in some sense the end itself, we focus on getting green in Lubbock.  The strategies of 123 Recycling to get Lubbock there is based in our recycling mission. Our recycling mission is to make recycling easier and to do so in a manner that supports the great causes of our community as well.

Getting Green Strategy One: The service we offer takes the hassle out of recycling by providing a curbside recycling option at your home or business on a schedule you choose. The most frequently asked question is do we take glass and the answer is yes. We also take paper, cardboard, plastics 1 and 2, Styrofoam, batteries, printer cartridges, appliances, and clothing – all unsorted to keep it simple for you.

123 recycling

Our first check to the fund!

Getting Green Strategy Two: The partnership we maintain with TTU promotes their leadership in recycling and the generation of TTU scholarships. Working with their services insures that the materials we collect are not only hand
led responsibly but also help to generate TTU scholarships. Above and beyond this, we hire TTU students and we give TTU 10% of our gross revenues to help fund those scholarships even more.

Getting Green Strategy Three
: The community events we sponsor bring the issue of recycling before the public. This year we have been the recycling sponsor for the Hub City on Tap event at the Fair Grounds, the Chamber of Commerce Barbeque downtokomenwn, and the Komen Race for the Cure at the Memorial Civic Center to name a few. We will be supporting an LISD recycling event in the coming weeks for the AVID program of LHS. We are always seeking to add our name to the silent auction lists about Lubbock.

The strategy is working!

As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It is also also a marker that you are doing something right. Lately, some recycling copycats are giving it a go. That means our strategy is working and we are doing something right!  That also means Lubbock and the world is the winner in the end.  Who says competition is all bad 😉

This is our exaIMG_3410mple of Profit on Purpose.  Businesses like ours, and yours, are in  a position to change things around them.  That will change the world.  And that makes us tick.

How will you bring Profit on Purpose thinking to your business this month?  Respond with some examples of what your business is doing “on purpose.”

Green Halloween Decorating For Families

Playing together is the key to holiday success.  Who has time for figuring all this out?  The solution i


This bonus idea is a marshmallow in a dryer sheet – it was my girl’s favorite 😉

s right under your nose – decorating with recycling materials.

Decorating with recycling is as easy as 123 and it can be a fun way to make family memories that also teach great lessons about taking care of our beautiful environment.  As a father of five I can also tell you this, you will treasure these little artifacts for years to come!

In this holiday recycling series 123 Recycling of Lubbock will be bringing you fresh new ideas to make recycling memories for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

To get started, let’s set the basic ground rules. Use what you have in packaging materials, etc, help the kids with things like hot glue and sharp scissors, make sure you laugh and praise and smile a lot!

For Halloween, we are going to focus on five easy ideas for yard decorations.  Not only will you be having fun but you will be saving lots of money too – nothing scary about that!

Milk Jug Monsters – faces

  1. Collect and clean the jugsimg_2868
  2. Decorate the faces
  3. Light with Christmas lights (you need to find them anyway) or electric candles, etc. You can hang them from trees as floating heads or plant them in the garden, or put them on the roof as watchful gargoyles. Hint: weight them down with rocks, etc. to keep them in place, or……..

img_2851Milk Jug Monsters – yard spiders. Take a look at these pictures. With scissors or a utility knife but out these spooky spiders and let the kids decorate to taste.

Plastic Poltergeists

  1. Gather trash bags and variously sized plastic bottles to make your very own ghost family vis-à-vis the family stick figures people put on cars.
  2. Use balloons or paper to make the big trash bag heads and decorate them.
  3. Use any kind of stuffing to make the heads for the smaller ghosts
  4. Tape the trash bags under the head at the neck to keep the heads in place – shred the bottom to make them really float in the wind.
  5. Hang them from the trees, roof line, etc.

Terrifying Tombstones

  1. Collect up boxes such as for Tombstone pizza, cereal, Amazon, etc.
  2. Cover them with white paper
  3. Decorate with faces, R.I.P., funny messages
  4. img_2880Stake down with hanger wire
  5. Marshmallow Minions
  6. Let the kids go wild making all kinds of faces
  7. Wrap them in a dryer cloth or post them on a stick!
  8. You can make a whole pumpkin patch! Warning: dogs and others might eat your decorations 😉

Things That Go Bump in the Night

  1. Collect things like coke and tin cans, anything that clinks and make a wind chime for some scary noises at night
  2. Put them on one side of a hanger and wimg_2866eight the other half to help them clink when the wind comes. Hint: you could arrange for them to be shaken with a string. Hint 2: you might need to hide them a bit, Moms might not be thrilled with the aesthetics.

As you can see, there are plenty of fun things you can do for Halloween with things that get thrown away.  Stay tuned for some table decoration ideas coming in November.  Please share this post with your friends and share some of your ideas this holiday season – then… recycle the materials and keep the memories.

Happy Halloween from 123 Recycling – find us at 123reycling.org, we make curbside recycling easy for you.