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  4. Wield Your Recycle Bin For The Greater Good

    Creating Jobs With A Recycle Bin  BY NICOLE IPSON | August 15, 2017 Wield Your Recycle Bin For The Greater Good!  123 Recycling wants to…

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  5. Community

    The Future Of Glass In Lubbock BY NICOLE IPSON | July 21, 2017   Earlier this year the city of Lubbock hit a small snag…

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  6. Lubbock Waste Management

    Together We Can Still Help With Waste Management BY NICOLE IPSON | June 27, 2017   With several cuts being made to the budget for…

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  7. Recycle Project

    Lubbock Recycle for Mother’s Day BY NICOLE IPSON | May 14, 2017   With Mother’s Day coming this upcoming weekend the scramble is on! There…

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  8. Recycling For The Cause

    EARTH DAY 2017 BY NICOLE IPSON | APRIL 22, 2017   With Earth Day in 1970 came the realization that humanity was given the responsibility…

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