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123 Recycling, Lubbock

Baron found himself frustrated because of the the lack of earth friendly service here in West Texas. Consequently, Baron founded 123 Recycling in 2013 to service the entire Lubbock metro area.

Who am I?  Lubbock Recycle

I’m Baron Eliason.  Like you, I want to recycle but it’s a real pain here in Lubbock. I founded 123 Recycling so customers would have access to reliable curbside service. My deeper passion in life is to help people “live well”. To live well, I want to create time for family, faith, and dreams; pay it forward to the community; and make life simpler.  If I can do that, life is good!

Why should Lubbock care?  

Because there is no shortage of land out here in West Texas, that doesn’t mean we should continue to throw away 23 pounds of trash into our landfill every second.  That equals 2000 tons a day, every day!  In addition to doing the right thing for our planet, 123 Recycling efforts generate scholarships for students at Texas Tech! We also give 10% of our profits on top of the value of the material.

This is amazing, what should I do next? melissa08232016-1

Sign up! You can sign up online here or call us anytime. We can answer your questions and get you started.

Want to show the world you think Recycling is important too?

Call or email Melissa to include 123 Recycling in your upcoming event. We would love the opportunity to show also your clients, friends and family how easy it is to recycle. In the past, we have provided recycling receptacles for events small as backyard parties or as large as the Hub City BBQ and Race for the Cure.

With a background in Marketing and Event Planning, Melissa knows how to integrate into your event seamlessly. Most of all, our staff will be on time, prepared and professional.